You likely have heard by now that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is losing one of its finest writers.

I will miss reading Kane Webb’s articles and columns now that he is leaving full-time newspaper work to teach at Little Rock’s Catholic High School for Boys. But the readers’ loss is my family’s gain.

You see, I have a son who will be a junior at Catholic High. And Kane will be teaching a number of classes for juniors.

I have another son at Holy Souls who hopefully will be entering Catholic High in two years. I imagine Kane will also have a chance to teach him.

Kane is the first one to admit he has changed jobs quite a bit in his career. But I have a feeling that he will be at Catholic High for a long time. He’s a graduate of the school, you see. Those who have not attended Catholic High or had a son there cannot truly understand the intense brotherhood that is the school’s hallmark. Heck, I’m a Baptist who attended the public schools and loved it. But I married a Catholic and have two Catholic sons.

I have come to fully understand the feelings of loyalty of the part of those who attend Catholic High.

I’m reminded of Bear Bryant’s line when asked why he was leaving Texas A&M to coach at his alma mater, Alabama: “Momma called.”

When Steve Straessle offered a job to Kane, it was “Momma calling.”

I hope Kane will have time to still do free-lance writing. I’ve accompanied him on the Delta barbecue tour and the Delta tamale tour. There still should be tours for fried chicken, catfish and plate lunches.

And then there’s that grandest of all ideas — the Southern independent bookstore tour — with stops in Blytheville, Memphis, Oxford, Greenville, Greenwood and elsewhere. That’s not to mention the boudin tour in south Louisiana.

Perhaps Kane could even join those of us who are blogging with something along the lines of “Inside Catholic High.” I’m not sure what Father Tribou would have thought of this technology, though. Heck, he never caught onto the idea of air conditioning.

As the sign in the hall at Catholic High says: “If you think it’s hot in here. . . God.”

One thing is certain — when you begin hiring people like Kane Webb, it’s evident that Steve Straessle isn’t simply resting on Father Tribou’s laurels.

Congratulations, Kane. And go Rockets.

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  1. Walter Woodie says:

    I think Kane made a great choice. He won’t regret it.

    Now if you can get your group to make trips around Arkansas to taste the best hospitality rooms during basketball tournament time, that would be awesome.

    When the Rockets play Van Buren (no, it will not be named after Vickery) come and eat in the press box. The food (especially the deserts) are to die for. I do not know of a HS football press box that has better food during the regular season.

  2. Melissa G. Nelson says:

    Kane has made the right decision. He will be a great asset to CHS and will help mold our boys into young men.

    I reserve the right to change my mind if he adds too much to Austin’s already huge homework load.

  3. Rocketman says:

    Go Rockets, indeed.

  4. Becky Morgan Cheney says:

    A long time Kane Webb fan says “congrats” to Kane – this will probably make he and the patrons of Catholic High very happy! I am sad though and will miss his wit and wisdom in my newspaper each morning … I hope he will still contribute in some way and will not disappear from my horizon.

  5. Richard McKeown says:

    Kane is one of the best…if not the best writer’s in this market. I don’t always agree with him, but he is a thoughtful writer who arrives at conclusions rather than starting at them. He also possesses a grasp of Arkansas, its politics, its people and its culture. His writings always strike me as based on perspective rather than just opinion.

  6. Chris Battle says:

    Kane? Kane Webb? That guy owes me money. All I can say is that the CHS kids need to watch their lunch money.

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