Rex’s Rankings: After eight weeks

Fayetteville earned its No. 1 ranking on Friday night — in a BIG way.

Springdale Har-Ber came into its game against the Purple Dogs ranked No. 4, but Fayetteville shut out Har-Ber, 28-0.

So Fayetteville stays No. 1, Har-Ber falls to No. 8 and Pulaski Academy, Bentonville and Wynne all move up.

Bryant vaults into the overall Top 10 following an impressive 48-20 victory over a Cabot team that was ranked No. 1 for several weeks earlier in the season.

Cabot drops all the way out of the Top 10 following its second loss in three games.

Here are the rankings with just two weeks remaining in the regular season:


  1. Fayetteville
  2. Greenwood
  3. North Little Rock
  4. Pulaski Academy
  5. Bentonville
  6. Wynne
  7. Bryant
  8. Springdale Har-Ber
  9. Pine Bluff
  10. Warren

Class 7A

  1. Fayetteville
  2. North Little Rock
  3. Bentonville
  4. Bryant
  5. Springdale Har-Ber

Class 6A

  1. Greenwood
  2. Pine Bluff
  3. West Memphis
  4. Jonesboro
  5. Russellville

Class 5A

  1. Pulaski Academy
  2. Wynne
  3. Sylvan Hills
  4. Greenbrier
  5. Little Rock McClellan

Class 4A

  1. Warren
  2. Nashville
  3. Robinson
  4. Prairie Grove
  5. Hamburg

Class 3A

  1. Prescott
  2. Charleston
  3. Glen Rose
  4. Bald Knob
  5. Fordyce

Class 2A

  1. England
  2. Danville
  3. Des Arc
  4. Hampton
  5. Mount Ida

2 Responses to “Rex’s Rankings: After eight weeks”

  1. frank on the hill says:


    i’m not understanding your thinking when you rank two teams ahead of north little rock. fayetteville has a loss and greenwood should in no way be ranked so high in the overall standings. what’s with you man? fayetteville could end up being the AAAAAAA state champs, but they shouldn’t be sitting in that spot now. even the hooten sisters have this one pegged for now. please, try to explain this to your loyal followers.

  2. rexnelson says:

    The football is generally better in that part of the state than in central Arkansas. Lots better.

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