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Kirkley Thomas e-mails from the mountains of northeast Georgia. He’s in Lakemont, near Lake Rabun.

The sign on a store there reads (and I spell it just like it is spelled on the sign): “News Papers, Red Worms, Nite Crawlers, Crickets, Rat Trap Cheese, Ice.”

That about does it. What else do you need in life?

What are some favorite signs you have seen in your travels?

I did like the hand-painted signs several years ago that promoted the campaign of the gentleman running for “Perry County Corner.”

I think I was told he won. Just be careful not to back him into one.

And when I lived in the nation’s capital back in the 1980s, I liked to spend weekends driving through rural West Virginia. A friend told me about a place that I just had to find on my own. And there it was, advertising “Cold Beer and Welding.”

I’ll leave the punch lines to you.

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  1. Mark says:

    One of my favorites has always been the place in Amagon advertised as the “Amagon Auction Hall and Teen Dance”.

  2. Stephajie says:

    About 45 years ago, we used to drive from Waco TX to Pt Arthur TX. Signs all along the route read “Gas and Grease at Grimes Garage” always delighted us. We still remember them. That plus the Burma Shave Signs.

  3. Jim Johnson says:

    I find in hard to believe that the store in Georgia did not sell “MINNER’S”

  4. Striker says:

    Rattlesnake Bite Vaccines Are Here!!!

    Sign in Selma, AL this year…

  5. Jimmy says:

    There was a sign in Hot Springs that read “Free Beer Tomorrow” however it was never tomorrow only today. At least that is what RWF told me.

  6. Andy Glover says:

    It’s no longer there, but a few years ago, there was a business in Conway with a sign proclaiming that they did “Monograming”.

    Maybe they closed the “monograming” shop and opened a “tatoo” parlor.

  7. Kay Brockwell says:

    There was a place up near Sulphur Springs that advertised “Auto Repair, Towing, Bait, Video Rental, Tanning and Income Tax Service.” Talk about your one-stop….

  8. Br549 says:

    I can’t believe it hasnt been mentioned yet…but the sign painted on the side of the building in Coy (home of the former Po’ Boy Supper) on Hwy 165 as you headed south on the left hand side….

    “Why buy Japanese, They wont buy our rice”

    I still get a kick out of that one.

  9. rexnelson says:

    Gosh, Br549, I do love that sign at Coy.

    And I do miss the Po’ Boy Supper. It was always on a hot night in August and featured the famous barbecued baloney of Chicken Jeans. I attended Chicken’s funeral in England and took his family a letter from Gov. Huckabee. He was quite a character.

    I did get a little worried at Coy while standing in the line with a huge local farmer one year. Each of the previous two Januaries, I had won a gun in the raffle at the Slovak Oyster Supper. The locals didn’t much like some guy coming in from Little Rock and winning the best prizes. Especially two years in a row!

    The guy at Coy looked at me and said: “You’re that feller that won the gun I wanted the past two times at Slovak.”

    Then, he just glared at me. He wasn’t joking.

    I ate my baloney quickly that evening.

  10. rocky says:

    Rex: Saw a sign in Strong that read “Waramelons $5”.

  11. Striker says:

    There’s a burned out building close to the sign at Coy on England highway that the owner spray painted on the building that read:

    If I catch you Here


    Your Dead!!!

    (I love how he spelled “your”)

  12. Jason says:

    I am sure it was a common sign all over the country but I always got a kick out of the radiator repair shop in Grand Forks, ND (I grew up about 30 minutes SW of there) that said “Best Place in Town to Take a Leak!”

  13. Joe Mosby says:

    A longtime favorite has been the Bare and Sweatt Insurance Agency in Eureka Springs.

  14. Jim McGee says:

    At the Lewis Brothers General Store on Hwy 270, at the turn-off to Crystal Springs… “Beware of Biten Dogs”

  15. RWF says:

    Don’t let Jimmy fool you. It didn’t matter if it was today, yesterday, or tomorrow. He could find a Schlitz Lite at the establishment.

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