Steak time

Thanks to all of you who have commented on the AETN documentary about our Delta tamale tour. The program had its debut Wednesday night and hopefully will be airing again soon.

Just as cooler weather increases my appetite for tamales, it also makes a big steak sound better than ever.

Last Saturday, after watching Arkansas State defeat North Texas in the final home football game of the year in Jonesboro, my 12-year-old and I stopped at Josie’s Steakhouse at the intersection of U.S. Highway 49 and Arkansas Highway 14 in Waldenburg.

The grilled shrimp — with just the right amount of garlic — were wonderful as an appetizer. Our steaks — heavily seasoned — were even better. We sat near the open kitchen and joined the cooks in watching the first quarter of the Arkansas-LSU football game on a large flat-screen television.

My son, very much a city boy, was amused by the fact that pickup trucks only were parked out front before our arrival in an SUV. He also liked seeing the large sign out front that said “Welcome Hunters.”

Indeed, Josie’s has much the same atmosphere of some of the better east Arkansas duck clubs I’ve had the pleasure of visiting through the years. It was the perfect place for two hungry guys to go after having attended a college football game. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say it’s now high on my list of places with the best steaks in Arkansas.

Josie’s in Waldenburg is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Over in Batesville, meanwhile, there’s Josie’s on the White River, a place that often features live entertainment. The Batesville Josie’s, open Monday through Saturday for dinner and Tuesday through Saturday for lunch, was built on the site of a lockhouse that once served boat traffic on the White River. Steve and Beth Carpenter came over from Waldenburg in February 2004 to open the Batesville location. History buffs will like the photos and artifacts about river travel that are displayed in the restaurant.

So what Arkansas restaurant serves your favorite steaks? Try giving me the name of a place I might not know of without your help. Somebody recently mentioned Jerry’s in Trumann. I’ve been there. I like it. That’s just the kind of place I’m in search of. Does the Waldenburg-Trumann combination make Poinsett County the steak capital of Arkansas?

In the meantime, if you find yourself in west Poinsett County on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, you owe it to yourself to head to Waldenburg for dinner.

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  1. Rick Fahr says:


    As a Weiner native, I know you are spot on regarding Josie’s, but great steaks (and food in general) are in abundance in Northeast Arkansas.

    As you had just come from Jonesboro, you might have stopped at the 501 Club in Jonesboro. Omar’s Steakhouse there has a whiskey mignon that is definitely one of the two or three best steaks in that region.

    Over in Trumann — yeah, I know — Jerry’s is a small place that used to have the thickest smoky atmosphere in the state, but those folks can really cook a steak.

    And outside of steaks, while in Waldenburg, if Mayor Woody Woods has his barbecue wagon open there at the intersection, by all means, stop. The pulled pork sandwiches are outstanding, but I’d encourage picking up an entire Boston butt. Fantastic.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Mel Redd’s in Harrisburg. He may not even be open anymore, but he used to make a great takeout ribeye.

  2. Ron Oliver says:

    What about Herman’s in Fayetteville?

  3. rexnelson says:

    Yes, Ron, Herman’s is a must. I start with that “gear salad” just to ensure I have meat with each course! — Rex

  4. Striker says:


    Try John B’s in McCroy. Pretty cool history of the house.

  5. rexnelson says:

    McCrory for dinner!

    I like the sound of that — Rex.

  6. Kirkley Thomas says:

    Great to see you mention Josie’s in Waldenburg — about a year ago, returning from my folks in Jonesboro, I happened in there on a Saturday night not knowing what to expect — as good a steak as I’ve had anywhere in my travels!!


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