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This blog is different from many blogs. In other words, it’s not a breaking news blog.

Instead, I tend to do three or four longer, essay-style posts each week rather than a lot of short posts.

That said, this will be a short post.

Tommy Smith of KABZ-FM, 103.7, in Little Rock is my friend. Like many of our Arkansas readers, I’m shocked by the news that Tommy suffered a seizure on the air this morning and was transported to the hospital.

I’m not a radio expert (though I’ve dabbled in that medium since age 13), but I can state this: Tommy has long been popular in this market, especially among the male demographic, because he is real — an authentic Arkansan who loves this state, loves its history and traditions, loves the Hogs, loves visiting the Redneck Riviera, loves fried chicken, loves barbecue and loves his wife while still loving to look at those pretty Southern women.

Like all of us, he has his faults and has not been shy about sharing those faults on the air through the years.

Those of us who are Arkansas boys — those of us who grew up calling the Hogs, hunting, fishing and even spending afternoons at Diego’s — can relate to Tommy.

It’s why we listen. He’s not some golden throat imported from another market. He’s one of us with the same likes and dislikes.

He’s also a man with a  heart “as big as Dallas” as they used to say down my way. My favorite mornings are those I get to spend on the air with Tommy trading “Arkansas stories.”

Get well, my friend.

UPDATE: At 4:30 p.m. Friday, The Buzz reports that Tommy is “resting comfortably” and that his condition is NOT a life-threatening condition.

2 Responses to “Tommy Smith of 103.7 The Buzz”

  1. Magic Man says:

    When he was on Magic 105, Tommy ruled local radio. It hasn’t been the same since they took him off the air. Despite what you may have thought of him, Tommy was always entertaining. Here’s hoping everything turns out for the best for him!

  2. Claude says:

    I’ve been listening to Tommy Smith since I was alittle kid driving to work with my grandfather in the Summer. When he tells stories about skipping school to do stupid stuff or to listen to his favorite on air personality, it reminds me of me skipping school to listen to his old ass. LOL! Im only 32. But Tommy has always been my favorite on Air man. I dont know what I will do when hes done.. I would be lost so when hes thinking about retiring like he as recently remember there are thousands of us out here that feel like we need you.. We love ya man and understand your health is first and foremost. If the doctors clear you. Know you owe us.. LOL! Love you Tommy… Keep him healthy JR., Josh, and Karen.. We need him…

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