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Her middle finger

The puerile video sent out by Gov. Sarah Sanders on Monday was the subject of a front-page story yesterday in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

It deserved the front page because it was a symbol of how far we've fallen. At the state Capitol, it appears that all the adults have left the room.

Sanders has never taken the enormous task of governing Arkansas seriously, but I had hoped she would mature in office. Instead, with 15 months of on-the-job experience, things are getting worse.

The strange video, which was like something an angry teenager would produce, was a new low for even this administration. It was beyond embarrassing.

I long for the days when Arkansas governors were serious about their work. I write and speak for a living, but I was speechless when I first saw that something this childish had been sent out by a governor of my beloved Arkansas.

These are sad times politically in our state.

This video, which was sent out by the governor on her X account, was nothing more than a big middle finger to the people of Arkansas. It's our immature chief executive crying out: "I really don't care what any of you think. I'm in charge here, and I'll do as I please."

Indeed, her actions the past 15 months have made it abundantly clear that this governor doesn't care what you think. Only her political base matters.

The goal is to transform Arkansas into a MAGA colony (the administration is heavily staffed with MAGA carpetbaggers from outside the state) and use the office as a vehicle to advance Sanders' national political ambitions.

The governor and her staff didn't care that the video was insulting to thinking Arkansans. The plan was to attract national attention, please the "own the libs" crowd and attract more donations from out-of-state Trumpists -- Arkansas be damned.

Oh Arkansas, what in God's name has happened to you?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: We have ourselves to blame because we voted ourselves into this predicament. We'll just have to vote ourselves out.

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