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Rex’s Rankings: After seven weeks

There are only three weeks remaining in the regular season in high school football in Arkansas.

What do we know?

In Class 7A, four schools — Fayetteville, North Little Rock, Springdale Har-Ber and Bentonville — appear to have legitimate shots at winning the state championship. It will just depend on who gets hot at the right time.

In Class 6A, Greenwood is a clear favorite, but Pine Bluff, West Memphis or Jonesboro have the talent to pull an upset if the Bulldogs have a bad night.

In Class 5A, it’s Pulaski Academy, Wynne and then everybody else.

In Class 4A, three of the four best teams — Nashville, Robinson and Ashdown — all come from the same conference.

Again depending on who gets hot at the right time, I can see any of the Top 5 in Class 3A — Prescott, Charleston, Glen Rose, Bald Knob or Newport — making a run to the title.

England remains the favorite in Class 2A, but Danville, Mount Ida and Hector have the talent to challenge for a championship.

Let’s get to the rankings:


  1. Fayetteville

  2. Greenwood

  3. North Little Rock

  4. Springdale Har-Ber

  5. Pulaski Academy

  6. Bentonville

  7. Cabot

  8. Wynne

  9. Pine Bluff

  10. Warren

Class 7A

  1. Fayetteville

  2. North Little Rock

  3. Springdale Har-Ber

  4. Bentonville

  5. Cabot

Class 6A

  1. Greenwood

  2. Pine Bluff

  3. West Memphis

  4. Jonesboro

  5. Russellville

Class 5A

  1. Pulaski Academy

  2. Wynne

  3. Sylvan Hills

  4. Greenbrier

  5. Little Rock McClellan

Class 4A

  1. Warren

  2. Nashville

  3. Robinson

  4. Ashdown

  5. Prairie Grove

Class 3A

  1. Prescott

  2. Charleston

  3. Glen Rose

  4. Bald Knob

  5. Newport

Class 2A

  1. England

  2. Danville

  3. Mount Ida

  4. Hector

  5. Des Arc

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