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Sign sign everywhere a sign

Kirkley Thomas e-mails from the mountains of northeast Georgia. He’s in Lakemont, near Lake Rabun.

The sign on a store there reads (and I spell it just like it is spelled on the sign): “News Papers, Red Worms, Nite Crawlers, Crickets, Rat Trap Cheese, Ice.”

That about does it. What else do you need in life?

What are some favorite signs you have seen in your travels?

I did like the hand-painted signs several years ago that promoted the campaign of the gentleman running for “Perry County Corner.”

I think I was told he won. Just be careful not to back him into one.

And when I lived in the nation’s capital back in the 1980s, I liked to spend weekends driving through rural West Virginia. A friend told me about a place that I just had to find on my own. And there it was, advertising “Cold Beer and Welding.”

I’ll leave the punch lines to you.

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