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Eating across Arkansas

It’s fitting that on the night before Thanksgiving — when those of us across Arkansas are busy in the kitchen or at least thinking about what we will eat the next day — the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” program will feature an episode taped in our state.

Overeating will certainly be the norm.

In tonight’s episode — which will air at 9 p.m. — host Adam Richman will go out to the Osborne family’s farm for one of those giant barbecue platters. One Osborne platter is usually enough to feed my family of four for a week, though I haven’t had one in years. When my wife once asked if she could just have the barbecue sandwich, she was told: “Take the whole platter and just say thank you.”

You’ve likely been to an Osborne family barbecue at one time or another if you live in Arkansas. If not, we can tell you that the platter consists of a whole chicken (and not a small one), a beef rib that appears to be more of an elephant rib, a slab of brisket, sausages, a jumbo pulled pork sandwich and one of those turkey legs like you find at the Arkansas State Fair.

Richman next travels to Cotham’s (we assume this is the original location in Scott and not the lunch joint next to the state Capitol) to try to eat four Hubcap burger patties stacked on one bun. I’m getting a bit ill just writing this.

Next, he heads to the Mean Pig in Cabot for a pulled pork sandwich that has something called Shut Up Juice on it. According to the show’s publicist, more than 4,000 people have tried to eat a whole sandwich with Shut Up Juice spread on it and just 64 have succeeded.

Frankly, I don’t want my barbecue sandwich to make me scream. The medium sauce at Craig’s in DeValls Bluff is about right for me.

At any rate, I’ll be watching tonight to see how our state is portrayed.

A question: What is on your Thanksgiving menu? And if you’re reading the post after Thanksgiving, still feel free to share with us what you had that day. I love hearing about the unique dishes that many Arkansas families add to the traditional turkey and dressing.

I’m one of those who believe Thanksgiving to be the ultimate holiday for men. It always falls during the week. There’s plenty of football to watch on television. You’re allowed to eat too much. You’re allowed to take a nap. You don’t have to buy anyone a gift or even a card.

You find your inner child as you even begin the day by watching a parade on television. And when else would you feel obligated to actually watch a Detroit Lions home game? After all, it’s a tradition.

Have a nice Thanksgiving.

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