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The Natural State bucket list

Let’s have some fun heading into an early spring weekend.

On the previous post, I listed a few things that every true Arkansan should do at least once — things such as digging for diamonds at Murfreesboro, eating a hubcap cheeseburger at the original Cotham’s in Scott, floating the Buffalo River, watching the sun rise from a duck blind on the Grand Prairie.

Now, it’s your turn.

In the comments section of the blog, please list several items that should be on what we’ll call the Natural State bucket list.

They can be festivals you must attend, restaurants in which you must eat, activities in which you must engage, tourist attractions you must see, etc.

I included searching for the Gurdon Light late at night and fishing for trout early in the morning on the White River.

You get the idea. Once the list is complete, I’ll publish parts of it in my Arkansas Democrat-Gazette column.

Let’s hear from you. What things must you do at least once in life to earn your Arkansas bona fides?

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