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Southern Fried on the radio

I have some exciting news.

At least I hope it’s exciting.

There will now be a radio version of the Southern Fried blog.

Former Razorback basketball player Blake Eddins and I will host Weekly Fried each Monday from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. on Fresh Talk 93.3 FM in Little Rock.

We’ll cover a lot of the same topics as this blog — sports, politics, barbecue, Southern culture.

It will be fun. If we’re having fun, I figure the listeners are having fun. The debut show will be tonight.

Blake is an Alabama native who’s married to a Hot Springs girl. We like many of the same things.

We’ll do it all with a sense of humor as we discuss great restaurants, classic football games we’ve seen, the best tailgate parties, duck hunting, crappie fishing, the Slovak Oyster Supper, the Gillett Coon Supper, you name it.

And we’ll have interesting guests each week.

As Charles Osgood of CBS says, I’ll see you on the radio.

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